Common Muslim excuses and habits

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There is no such thing as Islamophobia. It is a term created by the Muslim Brotherhood to stop any and all discussion of Islam and Mohammed. Calling a person Islamophobe is supposed to have the same effect as if calling them a “racist”. It is an attempt to shut down legitimate, valid points about Islam, it’s followers or Mohammed. Anyone wishing to remain free from the chains of such a barbaric and savage way of life should consider themselves, and proudly so, an “Islamophobe”.

The Mindset

I am starting this page for compiling all the Muslim excuses  that I routinely come across over the internet. I got the list below from FaithFreedom website.

Muslims freely engage in hate campaign against non-Muslims on their forums. On their blogs however, they use these excuses to portray a peaceful picture of themselves

Here are some of them; I request the readers to contribute if they have come across any:-

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Don’t Fall For This Propoganda!


The article at the above link is definitely worth the time spent to prove how Muslims will do anything to prove their superiority over all non-Muslims.  The same is noted in the size of a minaret whenever a mosque goes up in the area of existing churches.  This is why minarets are always taller than every other religious structure surrounding it.  It is a symbolic gesture that means everything to anyone and everyone who follows Islam.

They can not stand to be one-upped!  There have been quite a few new discoveries lately (over the past year especially) and new stories written about new archaeological finds in  Israel.  They are all dating back to the time period when the Jews originally first inhabited Israel.

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39 Ways To Participate In Jihad

SHARE this link with everyone in your address and contacts book.

SAVE it (it’s a .pdf) to your hard drive somewhere for future reference and in case the site gets taken down.

This is not the entire file (only the cover page) but you can see it here.


Online Link To Islamic Production: A 65 Page .PDF

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Islam Trumps A Woman’s Right Not To Be Beaten « Unclemeat

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If you appreciate the First Amendment, You Might Be An Islamophobe

****************************Free speech alert************************


Under the guise of combating ‘Islamophobia’ the OIC has now reached the stage where it is confident of shutting down all criticism of Islam worldwide, including in America (kiss goodbye to the first amendment). See the final sentence in this article

“This is widely viewed as a significant step forward in OIC efforts to advance the international legal concept of defaming Islam.”


“OIC To Hold Media Workshop To Address Smear Campaign Against Islam

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 13 (Bernama) – The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is to hold a media workshop in Brussels on Feb 15 to 16 pertaining to the smear campaigns against Islam in newspapers and media institutions in the West.

The objective of this first-of-its-kind workshop is to develop media-related mechanisms to address the smear campaigns, the OIC said in a statement.”


“The workshop will represent a quantum leap in media action, as it discusses, beyond rhetoric, the practical steps to address the phenomenon of Islamophobia”, the OIC said.

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If You Like Being Able to Rely on The Police Force to Protect You, You Might Be An Islamophobe.

Providing the crime is according to our Western Rule of Law, of course, and not Sharia Law.

Egyptian Police Prevent Christian Protesters From Reaching Parliament

(AINA) — Egyptian Security forces yesterday prevented a rally of hundreds of Copts and activists from various political groups from reaching the Egyptian Parliament. The rally was staged to condemn the eviction of 8 Coptic families from their homes in El-Ameriya in Alexandria, on January 27 (AINA 2-9-2012).

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If You Like The YingYang Twins, You Might Be An Islamophobe

If You Like The YingYang Twins, You Might Be An Islamophobe

Can anyone guess why this might be a problem under Sharia Law?

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