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Define Islamophobe

What would you think it would mean?  A medical definition :

A phobia is an intense, unrealistic fear, which can interfere with the ability to socialize, work, or go about everyday life, that is brought on by an object, event or situation.

Uh, I beg your pardon, but while my fear of Islam may be intense, it is NOT, I SAY — NOT — UNREALISTIC!!!

I am merely a chicken.  I don’t want to go the way of Islam — and MUSLIMS KNOW IT.  That is whey everything that feed me must be sugarcoated to smooth over and help the medicine go down.  This is where Islam’s “apologists” come in.  Most  practicing Muslims who agree with and follow their religion are an apologist in some form or another.diaperonchicken

Therefore the use of the term “Islamophobe” is a TOOL for Islamists to use to their advantage (i.e., propaganda).  They are trying to drum up sympathy to help their over all goal to gain world sympathy. Those in the Middle East constantly enjoy demonizing Israel and the Jews so they play the part of the victim — and using the the term “islamophobe” helps that cause.  

As someone who lives in America and enjoys freedoms, one of the scariest things about Islam is that it gets to be classified as a “religion” in America and will receive all of the protections of a “religion“.  IT SHOULD NOT BE PERMITTED because Islam is also a POLITICAL ideology just like “communism” and “nazism” is.

They really don’t expect us to just lay down and welcome them to our doorstep as they come down our street with us in their gunsights, do they?  The better term for them to use would be “chicken”.

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