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What you may take for granted

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if you speak from or read about anyone Muslim who contests this list or an item on it, consider if he/she lives in a America or another Western country or an Islamic ruled culture. What they could get away with BECAUSE they live in freedom in the west is entirely different from the ones who don’t.  Remember, Islam seeks to “dominate” (the West also)  as it’s world goal. Any non-Muslim who denies this proven fact (over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over)  will get us ALL in deep hot boiling water, but we MUST stand up for our freedoms before we lose them due to ignorance and naivete. Smoothing over and not answering directly should give you a hint !!!

Learning (all subjects not Islam)

Laughing (Comedy)

Western style dancing (is evil since it usually provokes sexual desires)

A Muslim viewer of today’s teen cheerleaders at a ballgame is disgusted with such a diplay since this form of dancing is strictly forbidden in Islamic cultures.  Anyone Muslim who denies this will not deny that they would be judged very heavily (by other Muslims) for doing so themselves!

Western style Singing (unless you are chanting prayers)

is usually forbidden, especially if it is done in a public situation, or with music.  Since it is so controversial most Muslims just avoid it to prevent anyone from judging them.

See what happened at this wedding where the family did not follow Islam’s law of sharia – wedding where had music/ a singer (the groom even gets killed).  The Muslim viewer of a show like American Idol has an entirely different perspective that looks at the competition in disgust since unIslamic singing/music is forbidden.

Drinking alcohol

The Arts

Having a friend of the opposite sex

here here

Being able to complain to authorities or to police if you get raped

Medicine —

if it weren’t for the culture of the West (as sourced by JudeoChristian beleifs)  there would be none.  What is more, it would not be easily and readily available due to the enterprising nature of the West as compared to Islam.  Followers of Islam are not supposed to learn anything not in the Quran.  But they sure can take advantage of OUR productive experiments!

Art –

no form is permitted but Arabic words – usually from prayers


(girls/ladies clothing & hairstyles yield to the veil ) (for men – wearing  jeans is OUT)

Playing video games

Listening to music

Watching American Idol (definitely a problem)

Enjoying the company of or petting a DOG of any kind

Going outside of your own home

(girls/ladies without permission of their father or husband)

Reading — this is a big one.

(most in Islamic countries don’t know how to — if you learn to read you can become a threat to Islam and actually learn to think for yourself.  Of course, that could get you imprisoned or killed, depending on your brand of Islam.  Brands don’t always stay the same depending on who is in power.)

It is in the best interest of Islamic powers-that-be to keep the general population ignorant of a multitude of facts.  It helps them implement their own policies the way they see fit.

Valentines Day –

Anything relating to Christianity (St. Valentine) is forbidden or frowned upon.   In Saudi Arabia, the florists are not permitted to sell red flowers on Valentine’s Day for this very reason.


(i.e., spouse / suitor) Don’t assume that a marriage created out of arrangement (instead of love) results in children who are loved unconditionally either.  This is a whole new perspective on family dynamics.  Children become a duty and a responsibility more than anything.  In the case of girls, they also become property that can be traded or even sold.

Inviting friends over/ going out with girlfriends (for girls/ladies) — women’s groups

congregating with female friends anywhere during the day or night

many find it undesirable because your husband comes in contact with them also and is liable to seek them as another one of his wives.  It is especially desirable for a women to be the only wife of a man when there are children involved because then all of the children vie for the fathers’ attention and inheritance, or amount of dowry to be paid reduces for your own children if they have competing for the same assets.

Playing outside – (for pre-teen girls who are forced into marriage by their fathers – remember the love for one’s children is usu. not unconditional in arranged marriages, esp. if one looks down upon women to begin with as they do in Muslim culture)  Girls who try to go play outside will be punished / beaten and forced back into the home to focus on marriage duties and the will of your husband).

The Joys of The Big “O” for ladies

Otherwise known as FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)

It may not be happening in some Islamic states but who wants to take the risk that the brand of Islam the USA ends up with (after they have completed their goal of domination) will not include this some day.  In Islam, the severity of oppression tends to get worse as the Muslim population increases.

In the case of female genital mutilation,it doesn’t matter whether “Islam” condones it or not, the only countries practicing this are all Islamic countries.  Your average brand of Islam you end up with can eventually go that way.  I wouldn’t even want to take the risk of millions of uneducated Islam followers taking control of mine.

Creativity —

anything created must be in line with Islam.  There is no art, music, singing, or using your mind to roam around outside the walls of Islam.  No matter what brand of Islam, those walls are made of brick, not straw.


is especially FORBIDDEN for ALL in Islam.  Some Western scholars have used this one to suggest the reason for the high numbers frustrated young Muslim men who get all fired up and have a tendency take to the streets in violence, showing rage at demonstrations, etc.

Having a friend who is Jewish

is especially sinful.  Being taught something from childhood usually ingrains into the character of a person.  From the Hamas charter (Hamas follows the teachings of Mohammad):  “Israel will exist, and will continue to exist, until Islam abolishes it, as it abolished that which was before it.”

To see how most all Muslims have been taught to hate Jews (something to do with them not obeying Allah by converting to Islam – and standing their ground in the face of Mohammad) go to another post here dedicated specifically.

Muslims on the holocaust either deny that it happened or think it was divine intervention.

I am certain there are plenty more not in this list.  Just because I am not aware of them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  Most ALL oppression for these beautiful things have justification for the oppression within the Muslim holy book – Quran.  It is up to the forces in power at any given time which ones of them are employed and /or get enforced

Any Islamist who refuses this list is not following the Quran or Islam properly or according to the teachings of Mohammed.    OR by refusing it he could be actively using one of the defense mechanisms built-in by Mohammad, which is call taqiyya, or permission to lie if the lie is told in defense of Islam itself.  All practicing Muslims (not just in name only) should know what is allowed.  If he does not, then he should learn and decide if he agrees with it, if he does not agree with it, then why is he still calling himself a Muslim?  (Because most Muslims don’t even know what all their prophet has taught. Moreover, they may not know enough to understand concepts such as “abrogation” (where later more intolerant  statements of the prophet replace any earlier tolerant statments made).  This is because the Quran is not presented in chronological /time order.

To all Muslims who live in the West and want to retain their freedoms — you need to STAND UP and BE COUNTED.

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  1. 2012/04/05 at 5:26 am

    You missed – “Thinking”

    Thinking is not allowed in Islam. Just read and read what’s written in Koran and STFU.

    • 2012/05/12 at 1:27 pm

      Oh Duh! And how true it is! Moreover …don’t ask any questions after you’re done thinking if you decide to. lol

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