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War vs. Peace

War vs. Peace

Since the teachings of Islam include instructions to fight the infidel until the world is dominated by Islam, the adherents of Muslim culture either fight personally or support those who do fight personally (through words and money).  They are commanded to do so. This yields to a constant/ perpetual state of war in one form or another if you live in a nation/state dominated by Islam.  The Islamic idea of PEACE only exist when the entire world is dominated by Islam.

This versus a civilization (the West/ or “Occident” ) that is built upon the Judeo-Christian idea that PEACE is a happiness unfettered by conflict.  That human life all has value, and that God has given us all the right to pursue happiness through freedom, liberty and equality.

This compared to the West, particularly the USA where the Judeo-Christian ethic has yielded to living in peace amongst neighbors.  Our very way of life directly and totally contradicts that of Islams.

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