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If As A Female You Feel Sexy, You Might Be An Islamophobe

This is the anti-thesis of what we think of when we remember Cleopatra!

And after the Jews in Quraysh, Egypt was the FIRST TO GO.  It was only 200 years after the death of Mohammad when they found the land and the nile, and it was the first stop among many over 1400 years (going on 1500).

Many women feel that such attire protects them in the workplace – men tend to be more respectful of women who are veiled because they are perceived as “off limits.  ” Islamic dress makes a statement that the woman is not to be thought of a sexual being, while sexual harassment, though not as common as in the West, when it does happen tends to be directed toward unveiled women since they are thought of as ‘available.’***

Didn’t you ever notice how all of the women on the streets in Islamic nations are butt ugly?  It is because when they go out in public they are NOT supposed to play the role of an object of desire (in any form).  As a matter of fact, a woman who does  go out uncovered, or with skin baring, lipstick on, etc. will be warned by all who see her until she eventually gets caught by the “religious police”.   A Department equivalent to Iran’s Department of Vice & Virtue is an absolute MUST in all Islamic nations.

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