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Common Muslim excuses and habits

2012/10/07 1 comment

There is no such thing as Islamophobia. It is a term created by the Muslim Brotherhood to stop any and all discussion of Islam and Mohammed. Calling a person Islamophobe is supposed to have the same effect as if calling them a “racist”. It is an attempt to shut down legitimate, valid points about Islam, it’s followers or Mohammed. Anyone wishing to remain free from the chains of such a barbaric and savage way of life should consider themselves, and proudly so, an “Islamophobe”.

The Mindset

I am starting this page for compiling all the Muslim excuses  that I routinely come across over the internet. I got the list below from FaithFreedom website.

Muslims freely engage in hate campaign against non-Muslims on their forums. On their blogs however, they use these excuses to portray a peaceful picture of themselves

Here are some of them; I request the readers to contribute if they have come across any:-

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